18 years of Academic Excellence

Message from the Dean, School of Arts, KU

National College, an autonomously managed academic organization affiliated to Kathmandu University is a pioneer in the areas of Development Studies and  Development Finance. Long before, any other socio-economic Development subject was offered directly by the university, National College was given the green signal to commence Development Studies. Its continuing popularity underlines the relevance and utility of the subject in the present context of Nepal. In recognition of this important development niche, Kathmandu University started the Master in Development Studies a few years back. Development Finance is relatively new and difficult subject. Despite many challenges, it is now entering its sixth year of operation. The first batch of graduates is in the market and initial indications are quite encouraging.

We live in a dynamic society and economy where there are new issues and challenges. Academic organizations must be able to respond to these opportunities by providing the understanding and skills needed if their relevance to societal needs is not to be questioned. Innovation in courses, pedagogy and closer links with the real world should be the academic road map for the future.

I believe that National College is strongly committed to provide quality education to the Youth of Nepal. Kathmandu University congratulates the   College in its successful academic operations so far and wishes it even greater success in the implementation of the academic programs in the future.

Dr Mahesh Banskota
Dean, School of Arts
Kathmandu University, Balkumari, Lalitpur