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BoSS Course Structure

Bachelor of Social Sciences


(Approved by the Academic Council of Kathmandu University on July 30, 2013, and revised on July 7, 2014)

Course content
List of Mandatory Courses by Years and Semesters
Course CODE and Title Credit Hours Course Code AND Title Credit Hours
I Year, I Semester 16 I Year,  II Semester 19
ENGL161 English I (Writing and Vocabulary) 3 ENGL162 English II (Literature) 3
GEOG111 Introduction to Human Geography 3 # Foreign Language I 3
SOCL111 Sociology I 3 ANTH111 Introduction to Anthropology 3
ECON111 Introduction to Economics 3 MAST111 Quantitative Methods 3
NEPL111 Nepali I (Grammar & Writing) 3 POLS111 Politics, State and Society 3
COMM111 Seminar: Creative Writing 1 NEPL112 Nepali II (Literature) 3
    COMM112 Seminar: Oral & Poster Presentation 1
II Year,  I Semester 18 II Year, II Semester 18
SOCL211 Sociology II 3 SOCL213 Social and Cultural Change 3
SOCL212 Social Mobilization 3 COMM211 Media and Society 3
ANTH211 Indigenous People and Culture 3 SOCL214 Ethnicity and Social Inclusion 3
PSYC211 Social Psychology 3 ECON211 Economics of Social Issues 3
GEOG211 GIS in Social Science 3 POLS211 Introduction to Public Policy 3
# Foreign Language II 3 PHIL211 Biography & Philosophy 3
III Year,  I Semester 18 III Year,  II Semester 15
SOCL311 Conflict and Society 3 PROJ311 Project Analysis and Design 3
SOCL312 Religions, Ethics and Society 3 SOCL315 Heritage, Tourism and Society 3
ECON311 Globalization and Society 3 ENVT311 Social Impact Assessment 3
SOCL313 Crime and Society 3 ECON312 Social Entrepreneurship 3
SOCL314 Women and Feminism Studies 3 DEVS305 Research Methodology 3
POLS311 Governance and Social Accountability 3    
IV Year,  I Semester 15 IV Year, II Semester 9
SOCL411 Internship 3 SOCL405 Project Work 6
Electives (select one area of three subjects) 9 SOCL407 International Relations 3
SOCL412 Research Planning 3    
# Optional Courses of Foreign Languages
I Year,  II Semester Credit Hours II Year, I Semester Credit Hours
Foreign Language # 1   Foreign Language # 2  
CHIL111 Chinese I 3 CHIL211 Chinese II 3
GRMN111 German I 3 GRMN211 German II 3
* Elective Courses for Specialization
Area COURSE CODE and Title Credit
Demographic Sociology SOCL413 Rural sociology 3
SOCL414 Urban sociology 3
SOCL 415 Sociology of Migration 3
Development Anthropology ANTH411 Anthropology of Modernization 3
ANTH412 Anthropology of Technology Development 3
ANTH413 Anthropology of Natural Resource Management 3
Social Policy PHLT 411 Health Concept and Policy 3
ESCP411 Educational Policy 3
HRGT 411 Human Rights 3