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BDevS Course Structure

Bachelor in Development Studies (BDevS)


Course Title (Code)
Restructured Courses and Credit Hours by Years and Semesters
(Approved by KU Academic Council on June 20, 2013, and to be Effective for 2013 Batch and Onwards)
I Year, I Semester 17 I Year,  II Semester 17
ECON102 Introduction to Microeconomics 3 DEVS101 Concepts and Theories of Development 3
ENGL161 English I 3 ECON205 Macroeconomics 3
ENVT101 Introduction to Ecology and Environment 3 ENGL162 English II 3
MATH121 Linear Algebra 2 MATH 122 Calculus and Application 2
NEPL105 Nepali I (Grammar and Writing) 3 NEPL106 Nepali II (Literature and Research) 3
SOCL105 Introduction to Sociology and Anthropology 3 STAT105 Introductory Statistics 3
II Year,  I Semester 18 II Year, II Semester 18
DEVS205 Community Development 3 DEVS204 Nepal’s Political and Constitutional Development 3
ECON303 Monetary Economics 3 DEVS207 Development Communication 3
ENVT203 Community Based Natural Resource Management 3 DEVS303 Agriculture and Development 3
PSYC205 Human Behavior and Organizations 3 ECON301 Public Finance and Budgeting 3
SOCL204 Nepalese Culture and Society 3 envt202 Education for Sustainable Development 3
STAT205 Statistics II 3 socl206 Gender, Caste,  Ethnicity and Social Inclusion 3
III Year,  I Semester 18 III Year,  II Semester 18
DEVS302 Conflict Resolution 3 DEVS305 Research Methodology 3
DEVS402 Project Management 3 DEVS401 Urban Planning and Development 3
ECON307 Microfinance and Enterprise 3 DEVS407 Project Evaluation 3
ENVT301 Environment Policy and Law 3 ECON401 Development Economics 3
ENVT402 Geographical Information System and Remote Sensing 3 ENVT401 Environment Assessment 3
SOCL304 Governance and Development 3 SOCL301 Tourism and Development 3
IV Year,  I Semester 12 IV Year, II Semester 9
DEVS403 Proposal/Report Writing, and Presentation 3 DEVS405 Project Work 6
Elective (select one field of three subjects)* 9 SOCL407 International Relations 3
*Elective (select one field of three subjects from anyone branch of specialization):
Area Course Title Credit
Economic Development ECON407 Poverty & Food Security 3
ECON405 Resource Economics 3
ECON403 International Trade & Development 3
Environment and Development ENVT403 Earth Science 3
ENVT404 Ecosystem Services 3
ENVT405 Integrated Watershed Management 3
Social Development SOCL405 Child Rights 3
PHLT401 Public Health 3
SOCL 406 Urban Sociology 3