18 years of Academic Excellence

Bachelor in Development Studies (BDevS), Affiliated Program of Kathmandu University


Nature of the Program

Bachelor of Arts in Development Studies (BDevS) is a four-year, eight-semester professional course offered by National College since 1999. The program is first of its kind in Nepal conceived and offered by this College. Development is a complex and time taking process. It demands the efficient utilization of available human, material and financial resources. Realizing this fact, National College has been offering Development Studies program of interdisciplinary nature. The program mission is thus based on the premise that “the ultimate goal of sectoral efforts is development for improving the standard of living and quality of life of the people.”
The basic feature of the course is its interdisciplinary framework, which incorporates the concepts and approaches from interrelated disciplines via concepts and theories of development, economics, community development, project management, resource management, environmental management, good governance, conflict management and others. These disciplines have practical bearing on understanding and implementing development process both at micro and macro levels. Providing knowledge and skills from such interdisciplinary subjects is fundamental for producing skilled and professional human capital catering the needs of the country. This academic program's goal is to develop such a human capital, which can deliver the development works effectively and efficiently.
Started as a three-year program in 1999, it has now been updated to four-year program to match the international standard. Four batches of three-year program and four batches of four year program have already graduated and the graduates are successfully absorbed in development sectors or are pursuing their higher studies in foreign countries. Their performance has been very highly rated by the organizations, where they work and study.


- To inculcate interdisciplinary knowledge and skills of development.
- To enable students to learn theories and concepts that help in exploring the paths leading to sustainable development.
- To prepare graduates able to work in diverse socio-economic and cultural settings of the country both in rural and urban areas.
-To develop effective leadership qualities among the students so as to materialize development works in the area of need with higher level of achievement.

A Need-Based Academic Program

- A demand-driven and result-oriented academic program
- Faculty committed to teaching,  social and developmental research
- A flexible curriculum responsive to dynamism of development
- Challenging academic program for graduate students, who value excellent education inside and outside the classroom
- Rigorous analytical and issue based assessment
- Field based practicum
- Wide range of job opportunities in different sectors of development.

Scope of the Program

BDevS degree provides an international qualification for a professional career in development practices and studies. After completion of this program, one becomes eligible for admission to Master level  programs in Economics, Sociology and Anthropology, Environmental Studies, Gender Studies, other similar  potential interdisciplinary courses and MBA within Nepal and abroad. BDevS degree holders will have ample opportunity to be employed in INGOs, NGOs, development  and government organizations.

Teaching Methodology

- Lecture methods with adequate use of audio- visual aids such as OHPs, LCDs etc.
- Classroom discussion on key issues of development
- Term papers, assignments and case presentations in different subjects
- Field studies for understanding wider perspectives of rural and urban areas
- Seminars and talk programs for expanding the horizon of knowledge
- Training and research works relating to the development

For the effective use of  teaching methodology, the college is taking the services of qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty members, who come from both academia and various national  and international organizations. Constant seminars, dialogues and interactions with key resource persons from respective areas could help students develop deeper understanding and prepare them to face future challenges in the areas of development. Field visits in many areas are indispensable part of teaching. Realizing the necessity of field for on-the-spot study to materializing the theoretical knowledge, students are taken to many rural areas in different parts of Nepal in each semester.

Admission Criteria

–  At least second division or minimum of 45% marks (in aggregate) secured at higher secondary or equivalent levels in any stream
–  Entrance test for eligible candidates
–  Interview and group discussion for final selection
Note : At the interview and group discussion, presence of parents or guardians will also be required

Seats available

Student Type



60 Students


6 Students


To encourage meritorious students, the college offers partial scholarship annually to each academic program. One student will be offered full scholarship nominated by Kathmandu University. College also provides topper scholarship for students getting highest GPA in each semester Apart from this, the college tries to arrange financial help for its students through various NGOs, INGOs for conducting their research.

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